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Anshan: smart water era nearly 40% people online payment

Date:2017-05-31 14:22

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Anshan municipal water service group, the group's "urban water supply intelligence marketing service information system" won the 2016 annual scientific and technological progress in Anshan two prize. The water supply service core system integration and user related inquiries, payment, repair, complaints, online customer service, and arrears notice without water and all other services, fundamentally solves the user payment difficult, water management is difficult, Water Leakage governance is difficult, the timeliness of service issues.
       Smart phones and WeChat software have the characteristics of high intelligence, wide popularity, powerful function, flexible application, simple operation, low cost and so on, and now they have been widely used. If the use of mobile phones and WeChat in the water business marketing management and customer service, will be to set up corporate image, carry out convenience services, reduce work costs and other work to bring a huge boost.  To this end,  the city  water group  with  municipal government "smart city construction requirements, the integration  of  collecting management, table management, customer service management, installation management, settlement management, audit management, statistical analysis and other core business wisdom, developed the" city water supply intelligent marketing information service system based on intelligent mobile phone carrier ".   
The establishment of public service platform of WeChat software, marketing and service in one of the. The platform is the use of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data state advocates, Internet plus technology, realize the user related services all. Such as: mobile phone billing inquiries, payment, payment, arrears notice without water and water quality complaints repair, publishing, online customer service, enterprise dynamic, so that the platform has become a user on the fingertips of the wisdom of water, make the service more close to the people, humanization and diversification.
      Now, WeChat and Alipay to pay water in Anshan has become a kind of fashion user and important payment channels. The establishment of the intelligent water service platform not only fundamentally solves the problems of difficult payment by users in the past, difficulties in the management of water, difficulties in water leakage control, and poor service effectiveness. Also implements one-stop, uninterrupted service, reflects the "user centric" enterprise service concept, the service directly to the hands of users, allowing users to really feel the wisdom of life. At present, WeChat and Alipay payment accounted for about 35% of the amount of total civil charges.
    (source: Northeast News Network)

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