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Yantai power supply company, multi table one, covering 30 residential areas, users exceeded 40 thousand

Date:2017-05-31 15:00

Recently, the reporter learned from the Yantai power supply company, the power company completed Haisheng Area Development Zone 1216, Beverly District 1104 multi meter renovation project, after the transformation of the meter by 485 lines collected from the same residential users for electricity and water, and the electric information acquisition platform with the data uploaded to the power supply company, realize remote meter reading. As of 2017 May, the number of users of electric power of Yantai power supply company to access multiple tables has reached 44311, compared with 2016 growth of 7899, the growth rate of 21.7%, involving 42 communities, totaling only 32330 meter run, hot table 15751.
       All along, water, electricity, gas and warmth are four important energy industries related to the people's livelihood, involving millions of households. Among them, meter reading involves a great deal of manpower and material resources. "Multi table one" is a national Power Grid Corp focusing on promoting the project, implementation of water, electricity, heating, gas and other public utilities data integration mode of the remote reading of electric power system based on the existing acquisition platform in technology in general water meter, the existing power collecting heat meter or gas meter collection one, namely multi table acquisition integration. Through the application of smart grid systems and equipment, to avoid the error caused by manual meter reading, to improve the accuracy of meter data.
       Yantai companies to actively respond and the implementation of the four table in one collection construction, ahead of the deployment, making "multi table one" collection construction, seminars, invited water, gas and heat and other industries and enterprises, to discuss the feasibility and problems of multi table ". In the "multi table one" in the process of construction, the implementation of the pilot first, lateral extension "mode, the development zones in the sea Wyatt and park district and Muping District in Longhu as example, the second in the Yantai county area to carry out a comprehensive investigation Mopai work. Yantai power supply company constantly sum up the previous construction experience, shorten the site debugging and background access time, and realize the "site construction norms, communication transformation in place, acquisition quality is good" effect.
       In the aspect of construction, Yantai power supply company has formed the construction process of "touch and arrange - consultation - Construction - Debugging - operation and maintenance". First, the construction project areas of water table, heat meter and gas meter manufacturer, type, quantity, location and gathering way Mopai investigation and statistics, and government departments, enterprises, meter management attributable to residential property owners and multi-party communication and consultation, to determine the "multi table one" cooperation and construction scheme, and then according to the actual conditions of the construction team, construction and installation of wiring conversion equipment, and good safety precautions, safe and civilized construction, the system debugging and maintenance work, filing.
       In order to ensure the quality of construction and improve the success rate of collection, the Yantai power supply company standardized the whole process of construction and management of multi meter construction, and signed the letter of responsibility step by step. The whole process involved, the whole process control and management of the project of multi table and one construction, project storage, bidding procurement, site construction, collection and operation and maintenance, etc.. To supervise and evaluate the quantity, quality and period of construction units, timely solve the construction difficulties and construction problems, and prevent the late operation and maintenance problems due to the construction perfunctory, poor workmanship and poor communication.
      Next, Yantai power supply company will carry out follow-up observation on the collection equipment of the District, ensure the effective and stable collection data, and effectively consolidate the results of the construction. The introduction of rules to actively seek government support documents, a collection of construction work to provide guarantee for the implementation of the "multi table, positive with water, heat and gas companies actively negotiate, clarify the operation mechanism, providing technical support and publicity work, to create a smart city, improve the image of the city to make a useful exploration.
     (source: Qilu one point)

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